Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mr. Ski...

This is about a man that we all called Mr. Ski.  He was an Army man who used to frequent the golf course clubhouse where I work.  He was a very friendly man and always was pretty much a giving guy.   I didn't know a whole lot about his background but that he was surviving on a private's wages even when he got out of the service.  He didn't have much family so we at the clubhouse became his adopted family. 

Like I said before, he was always thinking of the workers at the clubhouse especially the cooks and kitchen staff.  He would always tell us to sit down and take it easy when we would get busy. 

And all the military stories that he had.  Anytime he would see a young g.i. he would make his way over to them or just tell them of his different experiences in the military and how easy all the newer guys had it.  Like I said before, I didn't really know him that well, but he will be missed, Dear old Ski.